We’re Only Human: Stone Runination IPA

News flash—even the über-talented members of Team Stone who bring phenomenal craft beer to masses of fans with stellar taste are, brace yourselves for this one…only human. Like everyone else on this blue-green, spinning orb we call home, we make mistakes. Some of them turn out to be triumphs—hey, we wouldn’t have Arrogant Bastard Ale if it hadn’t been for errant mathematical calculations one fateful brew day, and we all know how that turned out! So, to an extent, we embrace our human nature, especially since that’s where discovery and new ideas often come from. Well, as some of you astute Stone fans may have noticed when picking up our new Stone Mixed 12 Pack featuring four rotating varieties of our year-round beers, there’s a goof-up we didn’t catch in time. The first edition of the Stone Mixed 12 Pack included OAKED Arrogant Bastard Ale, Stone Levitation Ale, Stone IPA and…Stone Runination IPA.

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Stone Ruination IPA turns the big 1-0

Stone Blog -- Randy Clemens

You know what the problem is with you young punk craft beer drinkers today? You don’t know how good you’ve got it! Double IPAs everywhere, flowing like water! Heck, when I was your age, I had to trek over 100 miles uphill in the snow to get something even remotely hoppy! Oh, gosh, who am I kidding? I’m only 27. The fact is, *I* am a young punk, reveling in the bounty of lupulin-loaded libations at my fingertips.

But thinking back, it’s crazy to see how far my tastes have come. And I know for a fact I’m not the only one who can say that. I remember tasting my first Stone IPA years ago… and absolutely hating it.  (Sorry Greg. Sorry Steve. I was young and naïve!) It was so much more bitter than anything I’d ever had, and I was sure that I was not, and would never be, a hophead. But I remember telling a friend about my less-than-stellar experience, and he immediately replied, “Oh, you should try Ruination! It’s their Double IPA!” Wait a tick; if their straight IPA was way too bitter for me, why in the hell would I want to try their Double IPA?! But my friend persisted, twisted my arm, held a gun to my head, and somehow got me to try a sip. And then… a HOPIPHANY.

He-Man Tripping Balls

This is how I felt when I had my first Stone Ruination IPA

Holy bitter breakthrough, Batman! What was this beautiful, citrusy magic I was tasting?! My eyes were opened. My worldview changed. I had seen the glory of the almighty hop, and it was good. Read More