Write On: Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference

Each year, faithful beer scribes from around the country flock to a designated craft-centric city for an intense three-day conference. They spend hours honing their craft and striving for the ever elusive objective viewpoint, pushing the limits of the palate for the sake of their interests. OK, so maybe spending a weekend drinking beer and writing about it isn’t as grueling as we just made it sound. But the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference is a nice reminder that the world of craft beer has some of the most dedicated fans around and that beer bloggers aren’t just “shouting into the void” the internet sometimes resembles. It’s an important marker that the craft beer industry has evolved to the point of being a complex and integrated culture instead of a few isolated hobbyists.


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Rolling Stones: The 2013 Great American Beer Festival

You’ve heard the legend of a cavernous hall filled to the brim with beer from around the country. Maybe you’ve even experienced for yourself the glories of unlimited pours of more than 3,100 brews. But you haven’t seen the Great American Beer Festival—the country’s largest annual suds celebration—from the perspective of Team Stone before…until now. We just got back from this massive and spectacular event, and are ready to give you a behind-the-scenes view of our GABF experience

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